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DNS Setup

General Information

DNS is what makes your web site work when someone types your domain name into a browser address bar, or follows a link to your site. Your visitor's browser needs to know what server to contact to get your web site, and that's what DNS takes care of. If your DNS setup isn't correct your web site won't work.

If MWMW.com has registered your domain name for you, we take responsibility for making sure your DNS information is correct.

If you've already registered your domain or prefer to register your domain yourself, you'll need to set up your domain to use MWMW.com's servers through the interface at your registrar's web site. We have specific examples for clients who use either Namesecure or Network Solutions to register their domains.

For Technical Users

There are two options for DNS:

  1. Use your registrar's nameservers
    You can leave your domain with your registrar's nameservers, and forward web traffic to MWMW.com. This is ideal if you want to use external mail servers (for example, spam filtering services) or if you want to use the web mail accounts available through your registrar. The Namesecure example of DNS setup walks through an IP-forwarding configuration using screen captures form Namesecure.
  2. Use MWMW.com's nameservers
    MWMW.com maintains two nameservers, both with multiple peering points. At your request, we will add your domain directly to our nameserver tables. We can configure subdomains and other advanced features for you if you require them. The Network Solutions example of DNS set up walks through a nameserver transfer using screen catpures from Network Solutions.