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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a user account?
A user account includes a name, a password, and a mailbox. These authenticate you so that you can upload files to the server and access your mailbox. Each package includes one user account. Additional user accounts are available as an add-on option. You may want additional user accounts if you want your employees to have separate mailboxes on the server. Another use is to allow your clients to upload files to your website or to a file exchange area.

What is a forwarding address?
A forwarding addresses delivers email to some other email address. You can deliver mail to an account that you have with another service such as Yahoo or Gmail. You can also use forwarding aliases to deliver copies of mail to multiple recipients, so that mail to sales@yourdomain.com (for example) goes to all members of your sales team. If your employees already have email accounts elsewhere, you can use forwarding addresses instead of purchasing additional user accounts.

What is storage?
Storage is the total amount of space your files (including your website and your mailbox) take on the server. Video and music files require large amounts of storage space. Images generally require a moderate amount of space. Text takes very little space.

What is monthly bandwidth?
Bandwidth is the amount of data downloaded by your users in a given month. For example, if the total size of your website is 10MB, 2.5GB would allow 250 users a month to download every file on your website.

What is Domain Name Service (DNS)?
If you have registered a domain, such as yourcompany.com, DNS is what makes your site appear for your visitors when they enter your domain name in a browser. You do not need to register a domain in order to use MWMW Hosting. If you need assistance registering a domain, it is available as an add-on option.
If you have already registered your own domain, help on DNS Setup to work with MWMW Hosting servers is available.
Note for our technical clients: MWMW maintains two nameservers, both with multiple peering points.

What is email protection?
MWMW Hosting makes a custom utility available to all clients which prevents spammers from obtaining your email addresses by scanning your website.

What is the client website?
The client website provides you system status and updates, and access to your account billing history.

What are web statistics?
Web statistics show you how many visitors your site has, what pages are most downloaded, and what search terms visitors use to find your web site. MWMW Hosting provides the awstats program for clients with Standard and Shell+ accounts.

What is terminal (shell) access?
Terminal access allows experienced users to connect directly to the server through a command line interface (also known as secure shell ). Terminal access is required for MySQL.

What are dynamic services?
Dynamic services allow you to build websites with content that is not always the same. MWMW Hosting offering include CGI, which is frequently used for guestbooks and signup forms; PHP which provides more extensive dynamic functionality, and MySQL which is used for database-driven websites.
MWMW.com can build dynamic web sites to your specifications.

What is a mailing list?
A mailing list sends email to many individuals simultaneously. It can be used to facilitate discussion between members of a team, or to distribute announcements. Mailing lists at MWMW must fully comply with the Terms of Service. If a mailing list contains addresses outside your organization, it must be an "opt-in" list.

What is domain registration?
Domain registration is the process of securing a domain name (such as yourcompany.com). MWMW can do this on your behalf. We cannot guarantee the availability of a given domain name, but we will work with you to identify a suitable available name. Our costs are currently $15 for 1 year, $20 for 2 years, or $30 for 3 years.

What are additional domains? What is a mirror domain?
You can have multiple domain names under a single umbrella account. A mirror domain is an alternate way of referring to the same web site. For example, you might register both yourcompany.biz and yourcompany.net, but present the same website for both domain names.