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FAQ Uploading Files DNS Setup Troubleshooting


I can't see my home page!

Your home page should generally be named either index.htm or index.html. The filename should be lower case.

Links between my pages don't work!

I can't see my graphics!

These symptoms are frequently caused by the same problem. File names on the Web server are case sensitive. If you wanted to, you could have three different files named index.html, Index.html, or INDEX.HTML (note: we do not recommend this!). Many personal computer operating systems don't distinguish between files that differ only in the case of letters, so, for example, if you have a link that looks like this: <a href="FILE22.html"> but your file is actually named "File22.HTML" your site may work locally on your computer, but not when you upload it to the Web.
MWMW recommends that you use lowercase names for all of your files.