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Terms of Service

This document includes by reference the entirety of the ServInt Acceptable Use Policies. Limitations to, liabilities of or warranties made by ServInt shall be understood to apply also to MWMW.

Language in this document is intended to clarify, not supersede, any provisions of the ServInt acceptable use policies, as well as to add additional guidelines to protect the reputation of MWMW as a good Net citizen.


The hosting services of MWMW provide access to the Internet, a large assemblage of data and hardware that is fundamentally untamable and often unstable in ways that MWMW cannot control. Customers at MWMW share resources. These terms of service are designed to restrict MWMW from liability for circumstances beyond its control and to prevent one customer from adversely affecting the access or rights of another, whether accidentally or deliberately.


While every reasonable effort will be made to maintain uptime and resolve any problems promptly, MWMW makes no warranty, express or implied, on the quality and availability of Internet service, which is subject to a wide variety of external factors. MWMW is not liable for damages resulting from loss of data, service delays, or service interruptions, nor for damages resulting from non-delivery, mis-delivery, or delayed delivery of email. MWMW disclaims all responsibility for content, goods, or services obtained from the Internet and urges that caution, skepticism, good sense, and a good virus checker be used in dealing with the Internet.


The customer is responsible for maintaining the security of passwords and properly setting file permissions. The customer is responsible for maintaining backups of any files stored on MWMW. MWMW can not guarantee the privacy of files on the system; access may be required either by MWMW or by ServInt to resolve certain technical problems. MWMW reserves the right to remove a customer's files in the event of nonpayment, termination of service agreement with MWMW, or upon notification of an acceptable use violation (such as copyright infringement or libel).

Unacceptable Conduct

MWMW may remove or suspend access to files or and/or suspend/terminate accounts in the event of violations to ServInt's acceptable use policies, including but not limited to:

Determination of what constitutes such a violation is at the sole discretion of MWMW.

Appropriate Labeling of Potentially Objectionable Content

ServInt's policies do not restrict the posting of potentially objectionable content, provided that it is not obscene, threatening, libelous, copyright-infringing, or illegal according to US or Commonwealth of Virginia law.

MWMW does not censor content, but additionally requires that content that is potentially objectionable and/or unsuitable for minors be clearly labeled, and that that any advertised links or links submitted to search engines and indexes reference appropriate warning/disclaimer pages. In order to comply fully with applicable laws and regulations, additional labeling and record-keeping may be required.

MWMW also requires that documents with content not suitable for minors be so labeled within the document. We strongly encourage the use of a labeling system such as ICRA.

In addition, MWMW can assist customers, at their option, with creating password-protected directories or files to further restrict access to some or all of the content on a site.

MWMW recognizes that "potentially objectionable" is a vague term at best, but urges that its customers employ good common sense, and awareness of community standards (in Northern Virginia, USA -- the physical location of the server). In the event of any dispute, determination of "potentially objectionable," as well as the "appropriateness" of disclaimers and warnings, shall be at the sole discretion of MWMW.